Zebra-GC™ Model L – low-cost, complete, Zebra MicroGC system with PC

Zebra MicroGC™ with PC

Zebra MicroGC™ with PC

  •    Features

   –  Bluetooth communication to PC or phone

   –  Attaches to external carrier gas

  •    Advantages

    –  Speed (near real-time GC)

    –  Portability

    –  Second level


Modular Zebra-GC™ Model M – modular miniature GC system

  • Features – same features as model L plusZebra Micro-GC™

–  Separate modules for pre-concentration, column, detector

–  Compatible with single column or multi-column chips

  • Advantages – same advantages as model L plus

–  Versatility

–  Built-in pre-concentration capability

–  Simultaneous multi-column separations

–  Ultra-compact

Micro Pre-concentrators

  • Features
Micro Pre-concentrators

Micro Pre-concentrators

–  MEMS-based purge-and- traps with built-in heating elements

–  Plug-and-play format

  • Advantages

–  Ideal for ultrasensitive on-site and field testings

–  Versatility



  • Column refurbishment
  • Custom designs for research or specifically targeted uses


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